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About OHHIMT - Our Helpinghand Institute of Management & Technology

Our Helpinghand is a Non Profit Organisation TRUST. It coordinates the socio- economic, cultural and educational development in rural and urban areas. Help is given to all those in need irrespective of caste, creed or religion. Our focus is on the rights of India’s most marginalised communities: Dalit and indigenous people, rural and urban poor, women, children and minorities. These groups face an acute lack of access to and control over resources, services, and institutions.


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Latest News

OHH Card is specially designed for all age of students who want to do something extra in Life ! Being a TRUST, our objective is to help students and make them understand the value of money, so we have launched a OHH ID Card, which will be a unique Identity for students who can enjoy many facility like taking part in various competitions, giving exams, profile on Internet. They will also enjoy our Online Email Support and Dedicated Phone Line Support.

Our TRUST has decided to RUN this Project at very subsidized cost for students, so we are charging only INR 300/- which is one time fees for this card and students can enjoy all facilities, we will keep informing students via SMS, EMAIL, PH-CALL for new facility. Please visit our blog www.ohhcard.blogspot.in for details !